Chinese Francolin: Seen not Heard!


I hit Huay Mai Teng reservoir this afternoon, ostensibly to get some shots of Small Pratincole. I also wanted to check how much of the southern side of the reservoir was still uncovered. Amazingly I almost ran over a Chinese Francolin on the access road and while it headed off down the road it did hang around for long enough to give me good enough views to finally feel I can claim it. So a second lifer for the day and Chinese Francolin becomes Thai Lifer ⌗371. For once I saw this bird whereas normally I hear it only. It was very silent. I tried a little play back in an attempt to lure it out for a shot but he wasn’t going to perform in front of the camera. A sublimely beautiful bird, with its dog-tooth neck and breast and creamy lower eye patch with very prominent yellow legs. I then flushed five Rain Quail. A glorious female Pied Harrier was quartering the area. So some sterling birds on the south side of the reservoir.

Notwithstanding the recent rain the reservoir level seemed the same as before and there is enough grass and swamp available to support lots of birds. So I reckon Rain Quail will remain here for the moment.

Then to the north side to check on the Small Pratincoles. They were present in numbers once more with an estimate of 175 – 200. I even managed some shots using the Panasonic  20 mm lens open at f/1.7. I am starting to like this lens and its very wide aperture. I am considering a Kowa 30 x lens for the scope – there is a slight amount of vignetting on the 25 x LER.

So a great days’ birding in two parts and two lifers.

3 thoughts on “Chinese Francolin: Seen not Heard!”

  1. Chinese Francolin would be another lifer for me, although I guess that seeing one may be next to impossible – you were obviously very fortunate.

  2. Just been there yesterday. Did not see the Small Pratincoles. Do you have any details at which spot to look for them? Maybe I will try again. Thanks in advance.

  3. Nils thanks for stopping by. There were 200 + on Sunday afternoon. I have sent you an email with a Google Earth link that should get you to their usual location. It is a big site so it is easy to miss a lot.

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