Weekend Shorts

In an otherwise busy weekend, I snatched a few hours at Huay Mai Teng Reservoir on Saturday morning. I chose to concentrate on a patch of reed-like plants on the south side of the reservoir which I had noticed last weekend. I also decided I would try and digiscope and so I set up and waited. I didn’t have to wait very long; however I didn’t manage any images The Black-browed Reed Warblers literally ran riot. I would estimate between 6 and 8 constantly on the move and not perching for long enough to let me get focused. There was also one Thick-billed Reed Warbler which showed and possibly others. Fantastic fun, to be honest and I don’t doubt I’ll be back for another go. Maybe I’ll get a great shot of a Black-browed or Thick-billed or who knows what. I must confess I didn’t do much else. I did however note 8 Oriental Pratincoles in the air.These are really early, perhaps even they have over-wintered.

Most of my weekend was devoted to celebrations to mark my daughter Margaret’s first birthday. Sunday morning, however, I noted two Black Kites flying over our house – an unexpected soi first. We usually get a small flock around this time that hang out in the rice paddy for a couple of weeks, presumably part of north bound migration. Nice to see them right above our house. There are always good birds around. I just wish I had a bit more time on my hands – however that is coming soon!

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