Where are The River Lapwing?

I made it to Huay Mai Teng Reservoir on my own this afternoon but sadly no River Lapwing. A brief visit a couple of Saturdays ago, unblogged, also failed to deliver this species. Too early yet to say the lapwing have failed to return: I am still fairly immobile so can’t walk into the most likely area; it’s also too risky to drive in as the track is very wet. So I won’t be writing off River Lapwing until I can get into this area by foot. I also think I need to get to the site for first light as I have consistently seen them in the launch area at the start of the day.

I didn’t sight any Rain Quail today but heard plenty of them all over the site. A male Barred Buttonquail did show for a few seconds. Lots of Indochinese Bushlarks – they also seem to be quite confiding. All the usual suspects including a Green-billed Malkoha and three Small Pratincoles; one juvenile Oriental Pratincole, a Yellow Bittern, a fair few Plain-backed Sparrows, a Pied Kingfisher and a Lesser Coucal.

For me a joy to be out in the warmth of the afternoon; sunshine, or rather sunny intervals, but no rain. Simply getting out birding on my own was a huge achievement. My foot is healing well: the wound site still has a bit of a scab on it and it  still swells a bit when I am upright for too long. However the wound is closed. Time and patience now plus a little common sense! ( With a long weekend coming next week I was reviewing the possibility of a nine hour drive south to Krung Ching – a  completely crazy scheme, because I have no doubt that once I am there I will have to do some walking and I think my limit is about 15 minutes! Perhaps Kaeng Krachan might be less testing or even Laem Pak Bia! ) Probably be a couple of months until I am firing on all cylinders.

One thought on “Where are The River Lapwing?”

  1. Saw a pair of River Lapwing on 28/6/17 at the the South end at the place where the fisherman with 7 rods parks himself, they arrived after he left, could hear their calls again before daylight next morning.

    It would seem the Quail are at the North end of the lake around the agriculture, would that be correct


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