One River Lapwing, there’s only one River Lapwing….

Finally I managed to rise early and reach Huay Mai Teng Reservoir at 0600h for first light. Thank goodness I did and thank goodness I stayed at the launch area and waited because at about 0640h one River Lapwing flew in and, a few moments later, hid on the other side of a little mound, out of my view! I hung around for a bit longer to see if any more came along but not today. Of course a solitary River Lapwing is hardly a cause for celebration; au contraire, a concern. Whatever, I was delighted and surprised to see this solitary bird this morning. 

There were good numbers of Rain Quail calling though I didn’t see any. Not much else to report.

The stand out birds from a brief spin yesterday evening in the rice paddy in Ratchaburi  were a juvenile Watercock, a Lesser Coucal and a Yellow Bittern.

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