Oriental Honey Buzzards and a Dusky Warbler in The Rice Paddy

The rain battered down yesterday, Friday, afternoon and then the sun came out for the final ninety minutes of the day, producing superb visibility in the rice paddy. The working week over, there could hardly have been a better opportunity for a quick spin in the rice paddy with real potential for the unexpected thanks to the weather. Our efforts enabled us to add three new ticks to the patch list. First of all three, Oriental Honey Buzzards flew over on a downward trajectory no doubt in search of an evening roost; their course suggested they were en route for the Gulf of Thailand; secondly another Dusky Warbler, which offered great views as it jumped around the understory and then climbed up the tree a little before flying out of sight, and lastly, two Green-billed Malkohas. Not just unexpected, sublime really! And Benny was thrilled too as he saw two trains thundering through!

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