Caspian Tern
Bang Ban Kao

I had no real intention of birding today but a family day out in Hua Hin allowed me to head to Bang Ban Kao on the way home. Lots of Terns – Caspian, Common and Little – and about 50 Brown-headed Gulls. Lots of Plovers too – Pacific Golden, Malaysian, Lesser and Greater Sandplover, and Kentish and of course some Sanderlings. As always ideal conditions for digiscoping especially in the afternoon when the sun helpfully is perfectly positioned.

littletern 030

We went into the Abadanoned Building on the off-chance but the birds must have been out on the mud flats. Then as we drove past Wat Komnoram, I could make out some big lenses and thought maybe the Collared Pratincole was showing so, opportunist as ever, I drove in. Alas it had been seen and photographed but had flown 30 minutes earlier. Good to know it is still there.

Common Tern
Common Tern

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