Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Barn Owls are quite common locally; in fact they periodically perch on overflow pipes in our soi and their distinct screeching and hissing is frequently heard. I’ve never seen one during the day so was very surprised when this one appeared at school while I was having lunch. I was drawn by the movement of other birds attempting to mob it. What a beautiful bird. This was at midday. My limited knowledge of owls is that they like to perch and roost and are not too easily bothered by human presence within certain limits. So i went home for my kit and wasn’t really surprised to find it still in the same place when I got back 10 minutes later. Many of my colleagues and students came out to check out the owl…….many had never seen an owl before. The owl was still there at 1730h when we went home. I wonder if it  has been injured, possibly hit by a catapulted missile. In the local culture it is considered as a harbinger of death and so is often persecuted. Hence Barn Owl is often easiest to see in Buddhist temples. We had one here in the soi about two years ago which had been grounded due to injury and then was killed by the soi dogs. I wonder what fate awaits this one if it is injured. I do hope it has flown come tomorrow morning.

Update: the owl was not present today so must have flown.

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