Huay Mai Teng – a Real Gem

River Lapwing Huay Mai Teng Reservoir Ratchaburi Province 14.06.14
River Lapwing
Huay Mai Teng Reservoir
Ratchaburi Province

The last two Saturdays I headed to Huay Mai Teng reservoir early morning and on both days River Lapwing did not disappoint. Last Saturday five appeared today six and I managed to get close enough today to get a shot or two; not good shots because the light was very poor. I went early today to check out the Savanna Nightjar situation. Arriving at about 0530h the first signs of the day were emerging but not a sound of a Savanna Nightjar; rather the  pleasant, tuneful calls of Rain Quail, Plain Prinia, Yellow-bellied Prinia interspersed with the neurotic, almost irritating screech of Red-wattled Lapwing.

A quick spin round to the main launch area as day broke put me immediately onto two, then four, then six River Lapwing. One was appreciably bulkier and appeared taller making me think maybe a mother and her brood. I had them all to myself for twenty minutes and just enjoyed the action. An Oriental Skylark performed in the air. A Small Pratincole parked on its own while bigger and noisier Oriental Pratincoles flew over high up. A perfect peaceful morning far away from the cares and concerns of everyday life.

Last Saturday I heard the wonderful sound of a distant Chinese Francolin. Heart-warming as I feared we had seen the last of the species at this site. So I went off to look for it this week. Not a sound to be heard but I almost drove over a Barred Buttonquail. Then I had clear views of a pair of Rain Quail. Indochinese Bushlark appeared to be the default species. A Yellow-eyed Babbler put in a brief appearance among a load of nesting Baya and Asian Golden Weavers. On the way out  a pair of Barred Buttonquail crossed over in front of me. I waited unsuccessfully for them to reappear.

So a stunning morning.

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