The Reservoir Never Fails to Deliver!

When Brenda and Dave from England  advised they had booked three nights at the Lake Scene Resort in order to bird the reservoir, (on the strength of this blog – blush!), I actually felt a huge responsibility. Well, the birds delivered today and when I left our guests they were purring as the Pied Harriers, perhaps as many as six, came out to play – there were definitely five, three of which were males. The presence of perhaps 350 Small Pratincoles was an added bonus as was the sound of Rain Quail and a few very obliging Indochinese Bushlark.

So today I simply showed Brenda and Dave how to access the various nooks, that I take for granted, so they can bird the site over the next two days. Tomorrow I am out on a  pelagic in search of Brown Noddy and with some unsettled weather in the region courtesy of Typhoon Hagupit and some moderate high pressure over China, well anything is possible in the Gulf Of Thailand.

So I hope Brenda and Dave have fun and I am pretty sure our pelagic is going to be interesting too. Watch this space!

Footnote: my friend Guide Paan photographed a Dunlin at the reservoir at the beginning of December, an amazing spot and a great record : check out this link. He’s also got some amazing photos of Pied Harriers at the reservoir such as this and this. I told you the reservoir is kicking!

2 thoughts on “The Reservoir Never Fails to Deliver!”

    1. Hey Brian sorry you had to nudge me. I’ve written a blog now on how to find it! Hope it’s as good for you as it is for me!

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