Lvshui Bay Wetlands, Nanjing, 绿水湾

This was a return to a site I first visited last December and had noted that would be worth further exploration. It’s a long, narrow strip of water (3 to 4 km?) running parallel to the Yangtze river with at least one larger island strip between it and the main river. The story today was the heat and I became so hot and uncomfortable that I had to abandon after three hours. The terrain had also become quite difficult as the path to the southern extremity of the strip was impassable due to vegetation plus I had no real leg protection by virtue of wearing shorts in view of the heat. Additionally the track at points had become very muddy and wet so perhaps a pair of wellies might be the ideal footwear for future visits.

The birds did not materialise as before and it was all very much common backyard species with Black Drongo’s presence being the exception. Presumably the drongo is heading south. I was disappointed not to wave my wand at any ducks today. And my drongo, a truculent creature, insisted on showing me nothing other than his back! The highlight was a flock of huge feral pigeons and a distant shot of a common kingfisher. Perhaps what I am describing as ‘feral’ might actually be a Rock Dove!

Common Moorhen, juvenile
Black Drongo
Dirty great big doo as we might say in Glasgow

2 thoughts on “Lvshui Bay Wetlands, Nanjing, 绿水湾”

  1. I photographed a similar kingfisher species from afar in Thailand but was never able to properly identify it. To this day, it remains in one of my computer folders as ‘Alcedo sp.’. A fun fact from down under: here, a ‘drongo’ refers to a stupid or incompetent bloke (or any person in general). How does that sit with the Pommy lingo?

  2. Hi Krit, or should I say g’day, I have heard Brits use drongo pejoratively with the adjective ‘silly’. As a teacher I have effectively eliminated ‘silly’ and ‘stupid’ from my vocabulary! The kingfisher in the pic was clearly common on voice and also it passed by quite close but only alighted here …and a flight shot was out of the question due to reeds.

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