This blog began on the other channel on 31st December 2009. It’s a simple record  of my birding highlights and a place to post my photos. It’s near complete in the sense that I came to birding late in life, the wrong side of 50 as it were. I don’t have a British list for instance because I haven’t birded there. I moved to Thailand in October 2008 and started birding in January 2009. My wife and I had been in Langkawi in Malaysia over Christmas 2008 where we had seen a White-bellied Sea Eagle. “Wow! What’s that?” I recall thinking. I thought if there were birds like this in Malaysia then it must be pretty much the same in Thailand. An internet search confirmed this and away we went early in 2009 and I haven’t stopped since. It keeps getting better and better……..

And the beyond part of the title took on real meaning when I moved to China at the beginning of October 2016. In real terms China is the beyond. Hopefully more opportunities…

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Gerry

    Liking the blog, sounds like you have some great sites in and around Phetchaburi, we are both very lucky to have some good birding almost on our doorsteps.

    Was wondering if you have any details on the location of Wat Kamnoran and Khao Look Chang, as will be birdng around Petchaburi for several days in the new year with some friends and wouldn’t mind paying these sites a visit.

    Hope you see some great birds in the new year


    1. Hi Neil thanks for stopping by. I really like your blog too and when I am a bit more organised I’ll link to yours again. I’ll send you an email with details of both sites. I was saying to a friend yesterday that as a birder in Thailand I have a charmed existence. We are all so lucky indeed. I’ll email this evening.

  2. Hi Gerry,
    Last year i was in Thailand for 10 days of intense birding and since then i often read your blog to remind me of this wonderfull trip. I read you are in to the warblers now and maybe i can help you in identifing them beter. I always make a small book of scanned pages of the Helm Identification guides (Bush and Reedwarblers in this case) and also included the excellent plates of the Passerine book of the birds of the Thai-Malay Peninsula. If your interested i can mail you the PDF-file. If you mail me your e-mail adress i will send it to you via WeTransfer (it’s 25 MB).
    Keep up the birding and your very nice blog,

    Thomas Brouwer
    The Netherlands

  3. Hello Gerry
    Can you please give me directions for Huay Mai Tai reservoir.
    I hope to visit next week even though I am disapointed to hear I may dip out on River Lapwing.But you dont get if you dont try.I will be comming from the Ayutthaya area.

  4. Hi Gerry love the photo’s and website, we had a fantastic day out august ( 23rd ) in 2010 you me ( gary ) and tom went to the kings treatment project laem pak bia saw some great birds that day, spot-billed pelican being one of them, got me searching through my notes from that day and blow me I can’t find them !! I can can remember most but there is a few gaps if you have a bit of spare time could you email the 73 species we saw that day I would be very grateful, in the meantime I will just read your blog in envy of all the great birds you see and photograph ! All the best and thank you again for a memorable day out Happy Birding Gary

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