Chestnut-winged Cuckoo

The joy of school holidays and not having to go to work! So I took a stroll in the rice paddy early morning and flushed a Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, the undoubted highlight of the morning. In its own way the cuckoo performed for me – very skittish but it kept moving along the irrigation canal and perching. What I noticed was the white band on the bird’s neck is not visible when it flies and the length of its tail. I can now see why Craig Robson reckons it could be confused with Lesser Coucal though in truth it is much slimmer with a much longer tail. The rice paddy was a real picture this morning; it is under water and there are lots of waders about and huge numbers of Openbills. I was hoping for a few Grey-headed Lapwing but couldn’t make out any. I noted one Arctic Warbler and two Thick-billed Warbler without really making any effort. Nice start to the day, refreshingly cool before the sun kicks in: we are rapidly approaching what I refer to as the “hottest” season.

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