Double Bubble


Well no sooner had I dropped off the wife and kids than I was heading south to Norng Blah Lai to meet up with Tom Backlund; first time we have birded together in a year so great to see him. Tom had seen a Greater-spotted Eagle and was waxing lyrical about a new area on the other side of the railway line. On arrival I was greeted with some Black Kites but what really stuck out in this new area was the volume of Grey-headed Lapwing – in one field I counted 43. I reckon we saw as many as 200 overall. The above Purple Heron posed irresistibly.It was very hot so a little impractical being out in the open. In one pool there was another sizeable flock with lots of juvenile Pheasant-tailed Jacanas as well and couple of Osprey hovered nearby. I headed over to Wat Khao Takhrao where the roads were closed so no access but I did see 2 Black-headed Ibis. A slow drive home through the Khao Yoi area produced a few more Black Kites and not much else. Great to be on holiday.

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